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The role of EIF and EIB. Interview to Dario Scannapieco, Chairman, European Investment Fund & VP, European Investment Bank

The guest of this new episode is Dario Scannapieco, an Italian economist, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the EIF – European Investment Fund and Vice-President at the EIB – European Investment Bank, interviewed by Fernando Napolitano, Founder of Newest in New York.

The issues addressed will be the role of the EIF and the EIB, the main difference between the two institutions, the challenges they will face together within the European Union and, last but not least, the role of Italy as a country of opportunity for both Italian young entrepreneurs and foreign investors.

During the interview, Mr. Scannapieco will illustrate how the two bodies operate, emphasising their work of the last 10 years. He will focus his attention on the importance of investments as tools to face the current global challenges such as climate change and the issue of migration, by investing in long-term projects.

Concrete figures, specific examples and references to his personal career will provide further information and will help us to better understand in the specific not only the functioning of the two bodies, but the role of foreign countries, such as the United States and China, in European and Italian public and private investments as well.

With encouraging words, Mr. Scannapieco will thoroughly reply to all questions and we will see, or better hear, how even some old stereotypes about Italy will be cleared, giving hope especially to young entrepreneurs.

Before concluding with the ritual thanks, he will reply to the last question: “Does the Italian dream still exist, or are we doomed to the brain drain?”

Check it out and enjoy the episode!

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